12 February 2014

Prepare for V day!

So Valentine's day is almost upon us....Do you have a date or are you waiting for one?
Well it doesn't matter...! I decided to come up with a few looks for some dates on this special day. You can enjoy my suggestions with your boyfriend, on a first day with a cute guy or if you don't fit in any of the options above just go out with your girlfriends and have a blast... There's no need to stay home crying over not having a plan...MAKE ONE! So go ahead, doll yourself up and have FUN!
If you do have a first date, just remember to be yourself and don't be nervous....just imagine how the guy is feeling! The most important thing is to be natural and enjoy your time...so good luck and maybe the night will end with a kiss! MUAH!

Hope you like my ideas ;)

it is always a good idea to share some popcorns :)
    1. Dress from Vero Moda; 2. Blouse from Vero Moda; 3. Skirt from Stradivarius;
    4. Ballet flats from Blanco; 5. Trench coat from Stradivarius; 6. Clutch from Blanco;
7. iPhone case from Stradivarius & 8. Statement necklace from Stradivarius.

don't spare him and strike a victory or if you're no good ask for some tips ;)

     1. Jacket from Stradivarius; 2. Jumper from Stradivarius; 3. Jeans from Stradivarius;
  4. Sneakers from Bershka; 5. Necklace from Stradivarius; 6. Bracelet from Stradivarius;
7. Bowling bag from Stradivarius & 8. iPhone case from Bershka.

a nice opportunity to talk and get to know each other x)

     1. Peplum top from Vero Moda; 2. Leather pants from Vero Moda; 
3. Necklace from Stradivarius; 4. Bag from Blanco; 5. Open boots from Stradivarius; 
    6. Jacket from Vero Moda; 7. Dress from Vero Monda; 8. Bag from Blanco;
     9. Heels from Zara & 10. iPhone case from Bershka.

there's not a better romantic background then a starry night*

    1. Dress from Romwe; 2. Leather jacket from Vero Moda; 3. Heels from Stradivarius;
    4. Bag from Stradivarius; 5. iPhone case from Stradivarius; 6. Necklace from Bershka;
7.Bracelets from Bershka.

can a rush of adrenaline compare to the rush of holding hands or a stolen kiss ;*
    1. Jacket from Stradivarius; 2. Jumper from Blanco; 3. Jeans from Romwe;
    4. Flatforms from Stradivarius; 5. Backpack from Bershka; 
    6. Pack of bracelets from Stradivarius & 7. iPhone case from Stradivarius.

These are just some ideas, so if you don't have these shops (ZARA, Stradivarius, Blanco, Bershka, Vero Moda & Romwe) where you live, just go to your favorite store and look for something similar. These are just some pointers and things I personally would love to wear to the dates I mentioned. Above all don't forget to stay comfortable, after all it is a date and you don't want your top falling & showing more then needed in public. And don't forget to dress accordingly to the dates theme, so if you're going to the park try not to wear hells or don't go too formal if you know you're going out with a simple guy. SIMPLY BE NATURAL XD

And that's a wrap...;)

Maryanne C.

P.S. - I do not own any of these pictures. But I made these collages myself. 

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