28 November 2013

Sweater Weather/November Favorites

So I decided to try and answer some of the questions of the sweater weather tag that has been around on youtube, but a little bit modified...I really have been enjoying watching these on youtube, but because I don't really like to talk to a camera, I thought I would write about it...
Also, call me lazy but some of these questions can be used to show you my November Favorites, because some of the things I mentioned are things that I've been LOVING, so I will leave a little * whenever I mention something I swear by this month!

Hope you like it ;)

1. Favorite candle scent?
My favorite candle scent now is from Yankee Candles and it's November Rain*.

2. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?
Definitely TEA!!!! Crazy for it...I've been loving the Marrakesh Tea* from Nestle for my Dolce Gusto machine.

3. What's the best fall memory you have?
I would have to say, leaving school and realizing it was night because of the time change. And of course stepping on piles of leaves or better, when I walked I used to drag my feet so I could hear the leaves cracking underneath my shoes.

4. Which makeup trend do you prefer: dark lips or winged eyeliner? 
No doubt about dark lips. I LOVE lipstick so it's an easy choice. 
This month I've been using a lot my new Maybelline Super Stay 14h in Mauve Toujours* (210). Very good product and lots of gorgeous colors for Fall.  

5. Best fragrance for fall?
Well, for Fall I must say that my first pic is the Lady Gaga Perfume - Fame. First because it's black and I gravitate a lot towards it when I'm wearing this color which now it's almost daily. And then for the smell, it has notes of blackberry, and it's so bold, so sensual, so full, so warm. It's definitely a cold season perfume. 

6. Must-have nail polish this fall? 
I must say that for Fall I love some deep reds like my O.P.I. - German-icure from the Germany Collection or some blacks or greys or even dark blues. I'm also loving the inverted french manicure or half-moon* whatever you would like to call it with grey and black accents. BEAUTIFUL!!!

7. What is autumn weather like where you live?
Well, right now it's pretty cold, like 2º/3º at night and during the day 12º/13º. So we can survive, specially because it's pretty sunny, the only problem is the freezing wind. So scarves are already a need, and this Fall is being specially cold.

8. Most worn sweater?
When I'm feeling lazy I just trow on my varsity sweater* from my boyfriend's college. It's pretty big and slouchy because it's from the man's section, but it's so warm and cozy!!!!! And it's burgundy, so it's pretty trendy and it's in my last post ;) 
If I wanna look a little bit more but together I gravitate towards my shoulder spiked big white sweater. Love it!

9. Hats or scarves?
I love me some beanies, but can't live without my scarves or go through the cold weather without them!!!

10. Skinny jeans or leggings?
This is a tough one, because I love both, but if I had to chose I would have to go for leggings, just because they are the most comfortable thing in the whole wide world. 
But perfect just my jeggings, that is definitely a top combo. LOVE them to travel. 

11. Combat boots or Uggs?
I think that in this one I would go for the combat boots or in my case nowadays for the logger boots! I'm crazy about my burgundy ones* that you can see in my previous post. But I must admit a own a pair or two of Uggs knock-offs.

12. Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?
OH MY GOD, YESSSS! I fell in love with the pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks. We don't have a Starbucks where I live (yeah, imagine the hell I live in ;p) and so when I first tried it this early Fall I was a little bit skeptical, but oh my God it's amazing.

13. Favorite fall TV show?
I don't know if this is really a Fall TV show, but I'm crazy about the Big Bang Theory*!!!!! I love Sheldon and this year's thanksgiving inspired episode was simply HILARIOUS. 

14. What song really gets you into the fall spirit?
Uff, this is tough, because I don't really think I have one that speaks Fall to me. But, because this is a season of bad weather I would go with Thunder from Jessie J, besides it's a very motivational song. But really this month I've been obsessing with my new Lady Gaga Cd - ArtPop*. 

And that's a wrap ;)

Maryanne C.

16 November 2013

What I wear traveling...

5 days trip to Germany!!!

So I'm going to visit my boyfriend in Germany and I thought it would be interesting to show what I'm planning on wearing. So this time of the year it's pretty cold in Germany and you need to be warm or else you'll become an ice cube. I like the cold weather but hate to feel cold at all...can't go on living normally if I feel the little bit cold, so this is what I'm packing. I didn't photographed the basic shirts that I'm going to be wearing underneath to keep warm or the leggings/tights that I'll be wearing with the skirts, but I have ever intention to keep every inch of my body covered and cold free. ;p

Hope you enjoy it ;)

Traveling outfit:

Jumper from German University, skinny and comfortable Jeans (Zara),
 old and cozy scarf and my Log Boots. 

1st day:

Same Jeans and Boots and to top it of a floral Jumper (Stradivarius). 

2nd day:

Floral print skirt (Stradivarius), chic Sweater with beaded collar (Berska) 
and black UGG  knock offs.

3rd day:

Plain marron circle Skirt (Stradivarius), studded collar Shirt (Stradivarius), 
hairy black Sweater (Stradivarius) and my marron log Boots.

4th day:

Black skinny Jeans (Stradivarius), platted flanel Shirt (Stradivarius),
white Jumper with studded shoulder pads and my fake UGGs. 

Outdoor choice:

So, this is the Jacket I chose to take, because of the fur hoodie, it's so warm and cozy.
My purse is a recycling project I've recently done, it was a plain black purse and now it's unique and has loads of personality.

With all the outfits I plan on wearing gloves, scarf and a beanie to make it more informal and tone down some of the skirts outfits.

So what do you think?

If you want more photos of the outfits or to know more about other things I pack like jewelry or make up please leave a comment XD Also if you would like to see how I recycled my bag do tell. ;p

Maryanne C.

P.S. - The images above are all my own and I own the rights to them.

9 November 2013

Random Things...

50 random things about me...
  1. My name is Mariana Carvalho, with some surnames in the middle as my name is incredibly long!!!
  2. I'm about 5 feet 9 inches or 1,77 meters. Pretty tall for a girl. :) 
  3. I was born on the 28th of June and this year I've turned 24, so do the math...;p
  4. My zodiac sign is Cancer and I absolutely think that there's no better sign to describe me.
  5. I'm portuguese born, with portuguese mom and angolan father.
  6. My hair color is hazel nut though none of my parents have that hair color. It comes from my granddad, mother's side. 
  7. I have had my hair in so many different ways and quite a few colors that I can't even remember all...
  8. I think long hair suits me best but I get easily tired of it and tend to do some major chopping after a while only to later miss my long hair again. 
  9. I hate if someone says my eyes are brown, for me they are AMBER...lol!
  10. I regret the fact that I have to wear glasses because I'm as "blind" as a mole. NOT JOKING!!! I can barely see without glasses/contacts. 
  11. I'm an basically an only child and I have no problems/complains about it. 
  12. I'm very perfectionist, kinda of OCD perfectionist. I like everything done my way. 
  13. I'm allergic to a few things like dust, grass, dog hair and cat hair...;p
  14. I have 2 tattoos on my body, all in decent places and with deep meaning to me...lol...but I intend to increase that number.
  15. The only condition that my mom had for me getting tattoos was that she chose the place and went with me and she actually ended up paying for both of them as a gift.
  16. I have 3 ear normal piercings in my right ear and 2 normal ones on my left ear.
  17. I have an obsession with the Cookie Monster...I have stuffed cookie monsters, I have mugs, I have pj, I have it all...
  18. My favorite Disney Princess is Ariel, I love her to bits ever since I was a child and I secretly hope I could be a mermaid...!
  19. My favorite number is 7. 
  20. My favorite colors are blue, red and black...oh and i really like orange and green for decorating purposes. 
  21. I live alone in a studio/apartment, which I own myself. It was an investment my mother decided to make. 
  22. I moved to Spain more than 6 years ago to study Medicine and I've been living alone for more then 3 years now and I quite enjoy it.
  23. I don't regret at all having to move out of my birth country and I don't see Spain as my last stop in life.
  24. I have a cat, is name is Toby and he is 3 years and a half, almost. He is the love of my life but we do have a hate/love relationship because I'm bossy and he definitely doesn't like to be bossed around. 
  25. Back in Portugal I share 2 dogs with my mom, and though Toby is the only pet I really take care of I still love my 2 dogs to bits.
  26. The names of my 2 dogs are: Macau and he is 14 years old and Peque and he is about 5 years old.
  27. Because I had to move to pursue my dream career I can speak fluently Portuguese, Spanish, English, Catalan and I can understand French and a little bit of Arabic. 
  28. I have an obsession with languages...they are my strength and I would love to speak fluently at least 11 languages: Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, English, Italian, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Mandarin and Arabic. It's a project XD
  29. I love to read...like loads!!!! Each Summer I can probably read about 15-20 books if that's all I have to do.
  30. I simply adore dancing and I think I can dance quite well, but not if someone is telling me the steps because I lack coordenation...I like to dance my own way...lol!
  31. I'm tone deaf, I cannot play an instrument for the living "life" out of me...like none at all!!!
  32. I'm not very creative like drawing and stuff, but I think I'm quite the handy Gal. 
  33. I have always had diaries, some I has able to finish trough, others not so much, but I always enjoyed writing down my thoughts and frustrations. 
  34. I'm a symbol gal...I love me some symbols...for me everything has a meaning. 
  35. I hate and cannot kill the smallest of spiders but I have no problem slapping a cockroach with a piece of cardboard.
  36. Chocolate is an obsession of mine...I have to eat chocolate at least once a day. Worst habit but all so true.
  37. Food wise I dislike pees, mushrooms and I cannot eat for the life of me CHEESE!!! I can't stand fridge fresh cheese, it has to be a little bit melted...I love Pizza, lool.
  38. I'm a tea person and really can't enjoy the taste of coffee unless it was a tone of sugar in it. 
  39. I have the most difficult time trying to fall asleep because I simply can't relax and disconnect my mind.
  40. I have the level I of Reiki practice. 
  41. I love makeup and I'm proud to say I can teach my mom a few things. 
  42. The first time I painted my nails red I was 18...I know...late bloomer!
  43. I don't think I am or ever will be able to manage to do an winged eyeliner.
  44. I collect watches, I mean I have more than most normal people, but I don't really splurge on them. 
  45. I also collect tickets...every stort of them...metro, bus, museum, plane, concerts, events, amusement parks, room keys, everything I can get my hands on while traveling. 
  46. I've already been to a total of 30 countries so far, because my family loved to travel and we did it twice a year until I moved.
  47. I don't have the biggest group of friends because I have problems confiding in people.
  48. I have trust issues....I don't trust anybody but my mom. And my bf. And my BFF.
  49. I do have a boyfriend, we have been dating almost a year now but I don't want to say is name...just can say that he is German and a year younger than me. 
  50. When I "grow up" I wanna be like my mom...she is my life...we share the some soul (sometimes)...;D

Maryanne C.

P.S. - The images are from we.heart.it, I do not own any of these.