24 February 2014

TMI TAG - Inspirational Monday #2

Hi My Land Browsers...

Ready for another Inspirational Monday??? I've been trying a lot to stick to my schedule & new sections and I'm trying to post as often as possible, so be good to me...please ;) 
I've really been trying to make this blog look better and be more fun and interesting. And because it would be nothing without you, please do leave suggestions and comments so I can really focus it, on what interests you best.

So, lately there's really been a trend on YouTube and Blogs, the TMI (Too Much Information) TAG and "Maryanne's Land" couldn't be any different. So if you like these kind of TAGs prepare yourself for another long one and if you don't really care all that much about my information, just look at the questions and do the TAG yourself ;p

Hope you like it ;)


1. What are you wearing? My pj's, too comfy to resist.

2. Ever been in love? Yes and I currently am.

3. Ever had a terrible breakup? All breakups are awful, so yes!

4. How tall are you? I'm about 5' 9 or in the metric system 1,77, as you prefer. 

5. How much do you weigh? Uhhh, that's so personal...127,6 lbs or 58 kg.

6. Any tattoos? Yes, two and with intention of more.

7. Any piercings? Just the normal ones on the ear, 3 on one side, 2 on the other.

8. OTP? Had to look it up...but definitely Hazel & Gus (The Fault in our Stars) or Katniss and Peeta (Hunger Games).

9. Favorite show? Currently in love with The Big Bang Theory, Mom and 2 Broke Girls. But I also love Sex and the City, Pretty Little Liars, Awkward...

10. Favorite bands? Bon Jovi, Marron 5, Nickleback, 3 Doors Down...

11. Something you miss? My mother and my BF...

12. Favorite song? That's too difficult but lately my favorite is Do what U want by Lady Gaga.

13. How old are you? Now 24, turning 25 in June.

14. Zodiac Sign? Cancer.

15. Quality you look for in a person? Honesty and Coherence. 

16. Favorite Quote? "Like all dreamers, I mistook disenchantment for truth" - Sartre.

17. Favorite actor? I would say Morgan Freeman, Tom Hanks, Colin Firth & Jack Nicholson...

18. Favorite color? Blue or Black.

19. Loud music or soft? A little of both, as long as the loud doesn't come after the soft or it will scare the hell out of me!

20. Where do you go when you're sad? Definitely my bed, with my cat, under the blankets with chocolate...

21. How long does it take you to shower? If it's just normal shower, 5 minutes, but if I have to wash my hair about 30 minutes.

22. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? I'm a night shower so about 10 minutes, 15 tops (I use very little makeup).

23. Ever been in a physical fight? God, NO!

24. Turn on? Broad shoulders, a little bit of a beard, a cute and funny smile...

25. Turn off? When a guy thinks he is better then you...hate it!

26. The reason I joined Blogger? Well, I wanted to be a voice in the world, share my favorite things, set an example, inspire someone like I've once been inspired.

27. Fears? Death, loneliness, not being loved and spiders...definitely spiders!

28. Last thing that made you cry? Thinking that I'm not capable of coping with everything around me...

29. Last time you said you loved someone? Today, to my BF and my mother...

30. Meaning behind your blog name? I wanted this to be a place I could call home, my own little place in the world, where I make the rules and no one is superior than the others...a perfect place!

31. Last book you read? A book about a group that goes on adventures and time-travels, it was in portuguese.

32. The book you're currently reading? The Fault in our Stars.

33. Last show you watched? The Walking Dead.

34. Last person you talked to? My mum, we face time 24/7!!!

35. The relationship between you and the person you last texted? Boyfriend.

36. Favorite food? Steak and pasta (mummy's recipe).

37. Place you want to visit? Oh so many...Madrid, LA, Vegas, Miami, Japan, India, China, Australia, New Zeland...

38. Last place you were? Germany.

39. Do you have a crush? Yes, my BF...if not, maybe Ryan Gosling or Chris Evans...just saying...

40. Last time you kissed someone? Ohhhhh...I'm in a long-distance relationship, so last month...

41. Last time you were insulted? I really don't know...I think I try to stay away from offensive and hateful people...

42. Favorite flavor of sweet? CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE!!! And everything with sugar on top...;p

43. What instruments do you play? My head and it's already way too much...I not very music prone...so none!

44. Favorite piece of jewelry? Bracelets and rings. I always wear a bracelet with a star representing my grandma and another with a clover/shamrock.

45. Last sport you played? Yoga...I guess!

46. Last song you sang? Unconditionally by Katy Perry.

47. Favorite chat up line? "If you were a Dementor, I'd become a criminal just to get your kiss". Kind of silly...

48. Have you ever used it? Never or maybe sometime as a joke but that's it!

49. Last time you hung out with anyone? Last week...I've had a mid-term today and so I've only seen my books lately. 

50. Who should answer these questions next? All my Land Browsers!

And that's a wrap...;)

Maryanne C.

P.S. - I do not own any of these pictures.

21 February 2014

Fashion Friday #1

Hi My Land Browsers...

Yet again this week, I introduce you to a new section here on the blog...Fashion Friday.
And what is this? This is a mostly weekly blog post about all things related to fashion, like the latest fashion events, my fashion wish list of the month, my latest fashion buys, hauls, what's in and what's not, all these and more. 
I'm not a fashionista, neither do I have a major in fashion, but like all the girls in the world I like pretty things and wardrobes filled with clothes.
So you're welcome to join me each friday to relax for a moment and forget the week that has gone by. Feel free to leave a suggestion on the comments, because my land is your land.

So, as we all know, the past week was the famous Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week. All the bloggers have been talking about it and I thought, why not? 
Ever single one of us likes designers clothes and Fashion Week is a way of dreaming about one day wearing some of those marvelous creations. 
Therefore, I decided to bring to you a little bit of the NY Fashion Week, if like me you were not invited (why would we?) or if you could not afford the time (or the money, let's be clear) to travel across the Atlantic.  
So I'll leave you with some of the highlights of the Fashion Week, where all dreams become true. 

Hope you like it ;)

ANNA SUI: lots of fur, flowy fabrics and tassels. Lovin' the 20's vibe of the collection. 

BCBG MAX AZRIA: different types of fabrics, multiple textures, all together a classic look.

CAROLINA HERRERA: love it so much!!! So feminine and beautiful. Also great patterns.

CUSTO BARCELONA: it's loyal to the Custo's style, but the dark tones give it a more sober and clean look. 

DESIGUAL: I'm literally amazed with this. It's a very fashionable approach to what we are used to. 
The dresses are amazing!

DIESEL BLACK GOLD: Sparkles, fur & black. Very Diesel and very night time to me. 

HUGO BOSS: So chic! The straight lines look amazing. It's very fashion business woman. 
The patterned dress is beautiful.

KAREN WALKER: I like this collection a lot. I like the different styles in it, specially the 50's inspired ones. 

MARCHESA: OMG!!! This is so BEAUTIFUL & GLAMOROUS! I love the black and gold one. 
Which one is your favorite?

OSCAR DE LA RENTA: What can you say about this amazing designer? 
He knows what looks good on women and he knows what we like. PERFECT!

RALPH LAUREN: I enjoy the versatility of this collection. I think it speaks to both young and older women. 
I love the 3rd look!

REBECCA MINKOFF: Black, dark rose & burgundy. Lovely combination. 
Very girly but with an edge.

TOMMY HILFIGER: I feel this collection is a snow trip inspired catalog. Lots of plad & burgundy. 
I would wear them all!

VERA WANG: Dark Deed all the way. The dresses are amazing and very young & fresh.
And gotta love me some graphic tees.

VICTORIA BECKHAM: Clean lines & the black-white combo. A classic. 
I specially like the details such as the chains and the puffiness on the dress. 

ZAC POSEN: So Mad Men! Love everything about this collection. 
The 50's vibe is wonderful and the angles are amazing. Fashion 10!

And that's a wrap...;)

Maryanne C.

P.S. - I do not own any of these pictures. They are all from Vogue. But I made these collages myself. 

19 February 2014

Yummy Wednesday #1

Hi My Land Browsers...

So I've decided to create another section on the blog and that is Yummy Wednesday...so from now on I'll post a recipe or something food related each Wednesday, at least all the ones I can...! Keep in mind I'm no Chef or amazing cooker but I live alone and I have to cook for myself and ordering in, each day, is not an option! I'm not the healthiest girl around but I manage to eat healthy sometimes so I'll try to pass some of my little knowledge and experience to you... Besides I'm a student and I kind of live on a budget so no fancy things here, just practical recipes you can work out on your kitchen and with normal ingredients...

Hope you like it ;)

#1 TUNA PASTE SANDWICH with a TWIST - you will need:
  • 1 onion;
  • 1 tuna can;
  • parsley (dry or fresh);
  • garlic (dry or fresh);
  • mayo (as much as you want);
  • boiled corn grain (canned is perfect);
  • olives;
  • bread (the normal type you usually eat).

So first, you need to cut the onion in small pieces. I always give it a wash first, just in case.

Then drain all the oil from the tuna can, as we need the tuna with as little oil as possible.

Put the chopped onion and the tuna pieces in a measuring cup.

Now add the parsley and the garlic to the mix. You can add as much of these as you want and if you don't like any of these just leave them out. I love garlic and I really enjoyed the taste it brings to the paste.

Then you will need to blend it all together. I used my immersion blender, but any mixing appliance will do. 

Next slowly add in the mayo and keep blending. You will see the mixture gets softer little but little, sometimes more liquid. So add as much mayo as you like until you reach the desired consistency. 
Feel free to use light mayo as I did.

Finally add in the olives and the corn grain and mix it in with a spoon. Add as much or as little as you want.

Now all you need is to spread the tuna paste on your favorite piece of bread (I toasted some slices of my favorite) and VOILÁ! All you have to do is enjoy your healthy sandwich. You can always add some sliced tomatoes and some lettuce leafs for even more taste. 

Drink it up with some natural fruit juice or with your favorite iced tea. Perfect COMBO!

And that's a wrap...

Maryanne C.

P.S. - The images above are all my own and I own the rights to them. Sorry for the bad quality though. 

17 February 2014

Winter is all around...TAG - Inspirational Monday #1

I've decided to spend more and more time on my blog and try to make it better and better for you guys. So I've came up with Inspirational Monday. And what is that you ask? 
It's a recurrent Monday post that I hope will inspire you for your week or for some posts of your own or even just something to forget that yet another week is starting. It will be about TAGs, trends, hype's, advices, all sort of things like that. 
So grab your cup of tea (hot/ice, up to you) or hot cocoa or even your favorite coffee mug (Starbucks is all fine) and enjoy my lines. I hope.

So, I know Winter is kind of almost over and everybody is already thinking about Spring with all the new collections in store and what not. But Spring only starts on March 21st and we are more than a month away. Besides all over the globe is snowing or raining or freezing or "storming". So Winter is still definitely around and it seems here to stay.
Also, with all the hype and enthusiasm about the Winter Olympics and with all the news and comments all around the web, I thought it would be a bonus reason for still doing this TAG. And to top it all off there's also a lot of hype about Frozen, so...
Where I live, I still cannot go outside without my Winter coat, my scarf and my cozy Winter boots or else I would freeze to death. So let's get this Winter TAG on!

Hope you like it ;)

❄ Top Winter beauty essential: Definitely lip balm & hand cream.
❄ Favorite Winter nail polish: Maybe a dark red or black...I would say darker colors. 

❄ Favorite Winter lip product: I'm loving Dard Deed from MAC (Stroke of Midnight collection). The photo feature next is from the awesome blogger Christine from Templalia (all credits to her). Go check out her massive beauty community which features towns of reviews.

❄ Top Winter fashion essential: SWEATERS!!! I'm always cold so a good sweater takes care of this matter for me. I am specially lovin' these fur like sweater that have become very trendy this last season.

❄ Most worn Winter piece: My army green Winter Coat, I bought it this year and it's a must have.

❄ Most worn Winter accessory: Scarves! I need something to cover my neck or I'll freeze.

❄ Most worn Winter shoes: Ugg's knockoffs. A 1/100 of the price and still warm feet. 

❄ Favorite Winter scent/candle: I guess White Christmas or Christmas Tree from Yankee Candle. Yep, they're Christmas candles but oh so "wintery". 
❄ Favorite Winter beverage: Hazelnut Hot Cocoa (Starbucks!!!).

❄ Favorite Winter song: I see fire - Ed Sheeran from The Hobbit soundtrack. LOVE IT!

❄ Favorite Winter food/treat: Maybe home made cookies or my mom's cake (chocolate of course!!!).

❄ Snowboarding or Skiing? Neither...I never tried any of them :( But I would like to try snowboarding. 

❄ Have you ever gone Ice Skating? Are you any good? Yes I have, for the first time last year with my BF and it was tough at first but I'm slowly getting better ;)

❄ Does it snow where you live? NOOOOOOO! Never!!!! Neither in Spain or Portugal, even though a live pretty up north but close to sea level so nops... 

❄ Have you ever made a snowman or entered a snowball fight? Snowman no...I know, I haven't lived long enough ;p but snowball fight yes, in the US a couple of years ago when I went as an exchange student. It was awesome!

And that's a wrap...;)

Maryanne C.

P.S. - The images above in which my face is feature, are all my own and I own the rights to them. The other were browsed from the internet and I do not own any of them. 

14 February 2014

Will you be my valentine?

So are you ready for tonight? Do you have any planes?
It doesn't matter if your boo has prepared a special night in or a fantastic amazing date!
You have all the reasons needed to doll up a bit...and who are we kidding...?
You don't need reasons to splash a bit of make up in your face! We are girls and it's a given right ;)
So I decided to post some options for a romantic yet natural look...
Remember, just be yourself and don't over do it x)

Hope you like my ideas ;)

everything you need for a perfect completion... 

some options for the perfect kiss!

these are just a few ideas, you'll look great no matter what...
 all suggestions from the amazing The Beauty Department
check out their website for the full tutorials on each look
all rights to these photos are theirs as you can see by the watermark

you can go with something more classic like just pink or a statement nail look
 all suggestions were found on Pinterest
go check it out for more ideas if none of these are your cup of tea
all rights to these photos are from their creators as you can see by the watermarks

So spread the LOVE!


SING a love song to your special someone!

Give some SPARKLE to your "love" life!

& give your HEART to someone...I give mine to you!