14 February 2014

Will you be my valentine?

So are you ready for tonight? Do you have any planes?
It doesn't matter if your boo has prepared a special night in or a fantastic amazing date!
You have all the reasons needed to doll up a bit...and who are we kidding...?
You don't need reasons to splash a bit of make up in your face! We are girls and it's a given right ;)
So I decided to post some options for a romantic yet natural look...
Remember, just be yourself and don't over do it x)

Hope you like my ideas ;)

everything you need for a perfect completion... 

some options for the perfect kiss!

these are just a few ideas, you'll look great no matter what...
 all suggestions from the amazing The Beauty Department
check out their website for the full tutorials on each look
all rights to these photos are theirs as you can see by the watermark

you can go with something more classic like just pink or a statement nail look
 all suggestions were found on Pinterest
go check it out for more ideas if none of these are your cup of tea
all rights to these photos are from their creators as you can see by the watermarks

So spread the LOVE!


SING a love song to your special someone!

Give some SPARKLE to your "love" life!

& give your HEART to someone...I give mine to you!

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