12 April 2015

Out & About - Spring Break #2

Hi My Land Browsers,

Back again, three days in a row... That must be a miracle, right? LOL. Well, as I said many times before, I am really trying to stay more committed to my blog, this little place I want so deeply to share with you guys! 
So, like promised, this post is the continuation of the small trip around Portugal  I had during this past Spring Break. As I said before, we stayed in a hotel in Alcobaça and each day we used the car to move around and also to get to know some of the little tows around that location. So, this way not only did we get to know Alcobaça pretty well, but also many other towns in that area. 

Hope you like it ;)

The pictures above are from this cozy little village called Óbidos. It's a medieval village surrounded by ancient walls and topped of with its amazing castle. Nowadays, the castle serves as a top rating hotel and it even has a renown restaurant, which we did try, so stay tuned for any upcoming Yummy Wednesdays, because I'll be featuring it there. This little village has been really hipped lately, because of its medieval fair in June and because of its live recreation of the nativity, not just the 3 main characters of course, but all the ambience and traditions of that time. It also has lots of local shops that sell every thing related to the village itself, so you can find there the usual postcards and souvenirs, but also works with cork (a local material) and their local famous liqueur. 

This beautiful sea skyline is from the town of Peniche, another fisherman's town, that now is also known to be a surf spot. Peniche holds a lot of national and international surfing competitions, and I think you can see why, in these pictures. We had just a little stop here, almost at the end of the day, only to appreciate the amazing view, but because it was a windy and cold we didn't stay for too long, so Peniche, is definitely a place to came back to.

So on our last day, Sunday and when we were already making your way back home, we decided to stop one last time and we chose the beautiful city of Batalha, also famous for its monastery. We didn't get to visit the inside, something we were already expecting, because it was Easter Sunday and a lot of religious ceremonies take place on this day. Never the less, it was really great to enjoy the breathtaking outside and take a stroll around the monastery on that beautiful sunny Sunday. It was really lovely to walk around such beautiful surroundings and enjoy this family day with my mummy, the one and only Queen Bee, who will be returning soon to this humble blog. Don't miss it. Also stay tuned, because I'll be featuring a fashion post with the look I wore above in detail. 

And that's a wrap...;)

Maryanne C.

P.S. - The images above are all my own and I own the rights to them.

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