11 April 2015

Out & About - Spring Break #1

Hi My Land Browsers,

So, here in Portugal, Spring Break coincides with Easter, which was last weekend. To enjoy those few days of holidays, I went on a small trip, to get to know some new places in my own country. Sometimes we forget just how beautiful our own country can be and just focus on traveling abroad when there are so many hidden treasures lurking just around the corner. It was a mini break of four days, from Thursday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. My mum and I went first to Lisbon, which is where my grandparents house is and then made your way up in direction to Oporto, where our house is. We had a hotel booked in Alcobaça, which is a very nice small town with an amazing monastery. I've decided to divide this post into two so I can post more pictures and show you better how beautiful my country really is. 

Hope you like it ;)

All the pictures above are from this little cute fisherman's town called Nazaré (name in portuguese). I had never been here, and I just fell in love with this place. Nazaré has a very strong connection with the sea, due to its localization, and for that, has been a fisherman's town for ages. But not only the man had a role in this and so the woman of Nazaré are know for being very good fish sellers, if not the best. Times have changed, so now you can still see them wearing their traditional outfits but selling other things, like dried up fruits. An example of that, is Mrs. Carolina, who was very excited to be photographed with such a fancy camera. It was a laugh. Nazaré is now also known for being a surfers' town, because of its enormous waves. These waves have attracted the attention of world wide famous surfer Garrett McNamara, who actually owns a house in this cute little town. I think the pictures speak for themselves. You can also expect to eat very well in Nazaré. 

All the pictures above are from the Alcobaça's Monastery and church. I have to say this place really spoke to my heart, first with the inside of the monastery and that amazing green filled cloister. Really one of the most beautiful, I have ever seen. Then, the church with those tombs. You might ask how can these tombs speak to my heart, right? Well, these are the tombs of king Pedro I and his "mistress" Lady Inês de Castro, the "Romeo and Juliette" of Portugal. Actually, she was more than is mistress , because when his first wife passed away, he decided to marry Lady Inês. By then Pedro (translation into Peter) was not yet the king and is father did not like Lady Inês, due to her brothers having connections with rival monarchies. So, because Pedro knew is father would not approved, he be wedded Lady Inês in secret, gave her a home of her own and they even had three children together. Unfortunately, luck was not on Lady Inês side and the king, Pedro's father send three man to kill her. Pedro was not warned in time to safe the love of his life , but swore over Inês' body to avenge her death and not stop until her murders were killed. He succeeded in his mission, inflicting as much pain as possible to the guilty men and when he became king, he took Inês from her simple grave, crowned her queen and put her to rest in one of the tombs you see in these pictures. He also had one built for him, as he wanted to rest by the side of his true wife. Many decades after the king's death, romantics changed the location of the tombs to opposite sides of the church, so that one day when they wake up to life again, the first thing they shall see is each others eyes. This is so beautiful!!! It's true love and romance and everything a girl likes. This portion of portuguese history has always been a fondness of mine, mainly because my second name is Inês. So, being there and seeing her tomb, I don't know, it was just sentimental to me. I also have read lots of books about her and she is always portrayed as a strong and fearless woman, what in fact I aim to be. 

And that's all for now, but with more to come...;)

Maryanne C.

P.S. - The images above are all my own and I own the rights to them.

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