2 April 2015

February & March Book Wrap Up

Hi My Land Browsers,

I'm back...again! This past month, I had a lot going on, specially concerning college and some new changes in other aspects of my life. So at times, I felt a lit bit overwhelmed with everything that was going on around me and I let my blog slip away out of my control. But enough excuses, which I feel are the only thing constant on my blog. Due to everything I just mentioned, I had a bit of a reading slop these past two months and so I decided to make a conjoined book wrap up, of both February and March. Last time I did a book wrap up I incorporated it in my recurrent section "Inspirational Monday", but this time and after two slow reading months I just couldn't wait for next Monday and so here it is, my February & March book wrap-up.

Again just a heads-up, this is my very own opinion (not sponsored) and there's no intention to offend anyone's likings. I love books of all sorts and I will read it to the very last page even if it turns out not to be my cup of tea. Also be encourage to leave your own opinion or even to recommend me some future readings. You can also befriend me on Goodreads

Hope you like it ;)

  • Endgame: The Calling by James Frey &  Nils Johnson-Shelton. My rating was 4 stars.
First of all, let me say I really don't care about the rumors or about anything else that has been said about this author or his publishing activities. With that being said and out of the way lets focus on the book at hand. The story is about 12 players, that descend from the 12 original lines of humanity and that have been preparing for this specific moment in the history of mankind. They are trained spies, ruthless assassins and normal people with family and friends, with apparently normal lives. But, then something happens and all of a sudden the game begins. This game can only have one winner though and that will be the person that collects first the three keys, that are scattered around the world. So now all hell breaks loose with 12 dangerous and selfish players running freely with a single objective in mind and playing a game where there are no rules. This was a very good book that made me fall in love with some characters and hate others. Each chapter is written in the perspective of a different player, which at first can be quite confusing mainly due to the fact that there are 12 different players. Once you get to know each character and remember their names it all falls into place and  before I was halfway trough, I was already so deep in the story line it was hard for me to ever put it down. I loved every single one of the revelations that kept popping up, even though I must admit sometimes it felt difficult to follow the general idea of what was being told. I was always hoping for more adventures to unravel and I was really sad when I got to the final page... Can't wait for the "To be continued"...in exactly "94 days"! It is also important to state that this is definitely NOT a Hunger Games rip-off. And I'm a huge hunger games fan so I think that says it all.

  • Girl Online by Zoe Sugg. My rating was 4,5 stars. 
I loved this book and I really enjoyed reading it. I must admit that I'm a sucker for chick lit and this was a great example of how a chick lit book should be. This is the story of Penny, a 15 year old girl that feels she doesn't really fit in, specially with her classmates. So she starts an anonymous blog where she can really be herself, without the fear of being judged and without any shame or worries. But, it so happens that Penny is a little bit accident prone and so when something terrible happens in school and leaves her shaking with fear and shame and panicking at what other my thing of her, she decides it is the perfect timing to accompany her parents in a business trip to New York. There is where she meets irresistible bad-boy Noah and he will bring a lot of twists and turns to Penny's life. True be told I loved Penny, even though I really don't relate to her ways or how she is, psychologically speaking, but she was a really good character and she made me laugh and smile through out all the pages. I loved how she was an amateur photographer and I did relate to that. I also think that along with Penny, so did I, fell in love with Noah and also is adorable Grandma and sweet little sister. I also would have liked that Penny's brother was mentioned more, because I really enjoyed is relationship with his sister, it was beautiful to see the worry and protection instincts he had towards her. If you're looking for a classic of literature this is not it. This is a light and funny book, that will reach to your heart. I'm sure that some of the girls that read this book will feel a lot more confident by the end, which is the bonus of it being written by someone that had problems or obstacles growing up. Praise Zoella for this endearing book. By the last page I felt I didn't want to say goodbye to Penny, so please Zoella do write more about her if you want to.

  • The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton. My rating was 3,5 stars.
This book has a love/hate relationship for me. First of all my rating was 3,5 stars, because there were times I couldn't put it down. This is the story of Petronella Brant and how her life changes when she marries a merchant man, Johannes Brandt, who is older then her. Nella's life changes the minute she walks in her new home in Amsterdam, and gets to know her husband's sister, Marin and the servants, the sharped-thoung Cornelia and the colored-skin Otto. Her new life is like nothing that she had expected, with a distant husband, a criticizing sister-in-law and some strange servants. Then, is when her husband gifts her with a miniature replica of their own house and things get even stranger. The story unravels with lots of plot twists and Nella's character shows an inner growth that was quite espectacular to me. There are many things I didn't like in the story, such as: Johannes who was definitely not who I expected him to be and how he poorly reacted at times and also the fate he gets; Marin who I though to be a quite strong female character and that then baffled me with her antagonic behavior; the Miniaturist and her relation with Nella, which I didn't get at all and didn't enjoy and Otto who I wanted to see more through out the story. I must admit that at first I was not very found of Cornelia, but her loyalty and her carrying ways at times grew on me. So this was a book with dos and don'ts for me and I must admit I was anxious to get to the end of it because I wanted to see all those plot twists became a fulfilling and suitable ending and for me it just didn't happen. It sounds like i hatted the book but that's not true because there were times I really liked it, but I think I had too many expectations about the story's content and I just didn't see it delivered like I would like it. Besides this seventeen century atmosphere was just not my cup of tea.

  • The Young Elites by Marie Lu. My rating was 3 stars.
I went to read this book with so many expectations and it kind of failed me (sigh). This book tells the story of Adelina, a 16 year old girl that has been wronged a lot in her short life. She is a deep and dark character that faces a lot of internal questions trough out the whole story. Adelina is no normal girl, she has the power to cast dark illusions and this happens because an unexplainable fever has stricken the place where she lives when she was just a child. This weird fever infected Adelina and her sister but only the first was left with a mark to tell the story, turning her in a "malfetto", but it so happens that Adelina is also a "young elite", because she is a "malfetto" with powers, as I mentioned before. The story starts with Adeline's powers unraveling for the first time when she finds herself in a sensitive situation. The plot thickens when Adelina has to face the consequences that come with her powers. This books had me running through its pages at high speed, but it was because I wanted to reach the end and the unraveling of the story. It is a gripping book, I must admit, mainly because it has a lot of plot twists that you're not expecting. But there were a lot of things I didn't like about this book, first of then Adelina herself. I really got tired of her and of her internal questions because every chapter they were repeated and revisited. I didn't feel any growth in her personality, only felt her sinking in even darker thoughts. I didn't like the medieval feel of the set or the venetian placing the author chose, and this is because she was creating a new geographical setting with weirds names and all (map provided in the begging) and yet she trows at you gondolas and masks and canals. For me it felt like she started her creative project with a new world and than ran out of ideas and threw in things she already knew and that are very iconic. I feel like this book had a lot of potencial to be a five stars but ended up being a mashup of unfortunate choices.

SPOILER: I did really like the romantic relationship or the felling of it between Adelina and another character and I would have liked to see it developed more, but the I feel the author took it way from me and I felt like trowing the book at a wall, because the thing that had me gripped at its pages had just been cut of. But let's wait and see if the second delivery is better.

  • Refining Felicity by Marion Chesney. My rating was 4 stars.
I must admit I fell in love with this book and read it really really fast. It was a very light read, although at first it was a little hard to grow into the scenery of the story, but then I connected with the characters and all fell into place. The book tells the story of two spinster sisters, Effie and Amy Tribble, who are high class but due to misfortunes of life itself are left with no money and in real difficulties. I must say I now simply adore Amy Tribble and the way she acts and reacts to all the things that happen around her. I love the strong willed woman that Amy represents, specially in comparison with her fragile and silly sister, Effie Tribble. Facing problems like starvation and a cold and empty house, they struggle to make ends meet and decide to make good use of their qualities by teaching difficult girls how to behave in society. Their first client is Lady Felicity Vane with her impossible personality and masculine manners. They're faced with the tough task of marring her off to a good masculine specimen worthy of a noble tittle. As a jump start the reader doesn't need to now anything else, even because things in this book are not always what they seem and you can and should expect some twists and turns along the way. I never read a book by this author before and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. This kind of historical fiction is really my type of reading material, but I always like to step out of my comfort zone and now I will keep on reading the other books of this series. The story had a fast paced rhythm that I enjoyed deeply because I never got tired of the setting the story was taking place and because the author was not dueling on dismissible aspects. It also had a comic note that I liked a lot and accompanied by a romantic relief with was simply great.

And that's a wrap...;)

Maryanne C.

P.S. - The images above are all my own and I own the rights to them.

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