9 February 2015

January Book Wrap Up - Inspirational Monday #4

Hi My Land Browsers,

I'm back! After some tough times in my life and some changes that needed to be made, I'm back to blogging and I come full of ideas, looks, projects, TAGs and a lot more. Stay tuned, because all the blog sections will be making a huge come back. I'm committing fully to blogging and putting a lot more soul and work on this project, so your support is very welcome. I hope to bring a lot more enjoyable moments to my few followers and let's hope this family can grow bigger by the post ;)

So, new Inspirational Monday, and what could be better than some books? I must admit that I'm a huge bookworm and that I currently have no more room on my shelfs. So, January was a very good reading month for me, maybe because it's the start of a new year and I has feeling very motivated, so pages just flew through my fingers. Also I've been watching a lot of videos on youtube about books and I feel in love with booktubers (people who do book reviews on youtube). So it just seemed natural to incorporate this passion of mine to my humble blog. Ready for my January book wrap up?

Just a heads-up, this is my very own opinion (not sponsored) and there's no intention to offend anyone's likings. I love books of all sorts and I will read it to the very last page even if it turns out not to be my cup of tea. Also be encourage to leave your own opinion or even to recommend me some future readings. You can also befriend me on Goodreads (which I'm crazy about lately). 

Hope you like it ;)

  • Panic by Lauren Oliver. My rating was 4 stars.
This is the story of Heather and it begins when she decides to compete in Panic, a legendary game played by graduating seniors. where the stakes are high and the payoff it even higher. So first of all, it's nothing like the Hunger Games, in fact it's not even a dystopia, which I kind of hoped it was.  It is a very enjoyable book, I read it quite quickly and it's a different type of story all together for me. It focuses more on personal relationships and social drama than the actual fear effect of the game. The ending is good, but I kind of wanted more. I also enjoyed the characters but some events came across as pretty obvious and expectable. 

  • Atlantia by Ally Condie. My rating was 3,5 stars. 
The main character is Rio, who has always dreamt of leaving the underwater city she lives in. But, everything changes when her twin sister makes an uncalled decision at a key moment. Warning, this is not a mermaid book. I must admit that I'm a mermaid fan and I knew this book was not mermaid themed, but actually I didn't care. I liked it and I must say I was able to connect with Rio and really get what was on her mind. What I didn't like was that this book is a stand alone, so no more Atlantia and some aspects of the book just seemed wrong, like they did't really fit together. I must say I'm a huge Ally Condie fan, I loved the Matched trilogy, which I highly recommend, and the reason why I loved it so much was because it captivated me with the poetic feel of the writing and in this book it just wasn't there.

  • The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani. My rating was 4 stars.
This is a book for really young teens, but I loved it. It tells the story of Sophie and Agatha, strange friends that are nothing alike. They are kidnapped by a hooded figure, that takes them to this strange school to become heroes and villains. Sophie is the pretty girl and expects to be a princess and Agatha, with her black clothes, just wants to go back home. So. when Sophie is send of to the evil school and Agatha is in the path to become a tutu wearing princess, everything seems out of place. I really fell in love head over heels for this book. I loved the writing, the Hogwarts feeling of it, the printing and the drawings. Perfect. Sophie will have you grabbing and pulling your hair trough out the entire book, but you still like her and miss her at the end. The negative and the reason it's not a 5 stars for me are the plot changes. They are just overwhelming and unbearable at times and sadly there's a moment when you feel you cannot stand any more personality changes. 

  • Última Palavra: Mãe by José Jorge Letria. My rating was 3 stars.
So this is a Portuguese writer and I doubt that it was been translated to other languages, but I'm going to review it all the same. This was a Christmas gift from my mother, because the main topic of the book is the writer's relationship with his mother. I enjoyed the book, very light and quick reading and it makes you want to pay an homage to your own mother. A pleasant gift.

  • Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. My rating was 4,5 stars.
This is my second Rowell book, the first being FanGirl, which was good, though nothing special, but this one, I could not put it down for the live of me. It's about a boy and a girl, both misfits, that meet for the first time on the school bus and slowly fall in love with each other and find out that where they fit best is together. I simply loved it. Praise this book, OMG. Strong story, intense character background, the protagonists are just impossible not to love and you can really connect with the intense events that fill this book. When a book has me suffering and wondering how things are going to turn out, I just know it's a good book. Besides, it's filled with comic book references and just reading the word X-Men made me love the book instantly! The reason I didn't give it 5 stars is mainly because sometimes the romance aspect was too "sweet" for my taste. I do prefer a couple that portrays a love-hate type of relationship far more than a head-over-heals-that-I-forget-you-I-am type of thing. The top negative trait for me was definitely the ending, because I like a closed ending with no unfinished business and this one is not like that because it leaves you a bit hanging in the dark. 

  • The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. My rating was 4 stars.
First of all this book is not in the picture shown above because I took it to Spain with me and finished it there, but below is a instagram pic of it. Before reading this book, I saw so many bad reviews on Goodreads that I was even afraid to pick it up from my shelf and also because this was my first book by this author. But it had been recommend by a very dear friend of mine and so I decided I had to give it a try. I must say I found it extremely gripping at times, as much so that I read it in less than a day. Sometimes it was nerve recking, hence the 4 stars, but I do think it is because generally we are so close minded that we can't see the importance and the wonders embedded deeply in this book. To me it didn't feel at all like a self help book or a tale/fable, but it is true that it helped me unravel some hidden secrets of my own heart. Mainly for me, it was a fictional story very well written with a profound message that really got me. So I would most definitely recommend it, maybe not to the most rational of minds, but all together a very pleasant reading. 

And that's a wrap...;)

Maryanne C.

P.S. - The images above are all my own and I own the rights to them.

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