19 February 2014

Yummy Wednesday #1

Hi My Land Browsers...

So I've decided to create another section on the blog and that is Yummy Wednesday...so from now on I'll post a recipe or something food related each Wednesday, at least all the ones I can...! Keep in mind I'm no Chef or amazing cooker but I live alone and I have to cook for myself and ordering in, each day, is not an option! I'm not the healthiest girl around but I manage to eat healthy sometimes so I'll try to pass some of my little knowledge and experience to you... Besides I'm a student and I kind of live on a budget so no fancy things here, just practical recipes you can work out on your kitchen and with normal ingredients...

Hope you like it ;)

#1 TUNA PASTE SANDWICH with a TWIST - you will need:
  • 1 onion;
  • 1 tuna can;
  • parsley (dry or fresh);
  • garlic (dry or fresh);
  • mayo (as much as you want);
  • boiled corn grain (canned is perfect);
  • olives;
  • bread (the normal type you usually eat).

So first, you need to cut the onion in small pieces. I always give it a wash first, just in case.

Then drain all the oil from the tuna can, as we need the tuna with as little oil as possible.

Put the chopped onion and the tuna pieces in a measuring cup.

Now add the parsley and the garlic to the mix. You can add as much of these as you want and if you don't like any of these just leave them out. I love garlic and I really enjoyed the taste it brings to the paste.

Then you will need to blend it all together. I used my immersion blender, but any mixing appliance will do. 

Next slowly add in the mayo and keep blending. You will see the mixture gets softer little but little, sometimes more liquid. So add as much mayo as you like until you reach the desired consistency. 
Feel free to use light mayo as I did.

Finally add in the olives and the corn grain and mix it in with a spoon. Add as much or as little as you want.

Now all you need is to spread the tuna paste on your favorite piece of bread (I toasted some slices of my favorite) and VOILÁ! All you have to do is enjoy your healthy sandwich. You can always add some sliced tomatoes and some lettuce leafs for even more taste. 

Drink it up with some natural fruit juice or with your favorite iced tea. Perfect COMBO!

And that's a wrap...

Maryanne C.

P.S. - The images above are all my own and I own the rights to them. Sorry for the bad quality though. 

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