26 December 2013

What I got for Christmas 2013 & InstaXmas

Christmas is GONE!!!! I can't believe all the work and emotion we put towards two days!!! I miss it already...now I just have to wait 365 till next Christmas...But at least I can now enjoy my Christmas Gifts, the ones I have been waiting for a whole month...I have been really nice this year and Santa was pretty good to me...I'm really thankful for all the gifts my mum gave me...they were exactly what I wanted and even more...so here you have them...I hope your Christmas was as good as mine or even better...

Hope you enjoy...

Pandora Earrings Month Inspired - June with moon stone

 Thriller Conspiracy book - I had been eyeing this one for so long!!!
I hope I really like it, can't wait to start it.

Lomography La Sardina Guvnor London Edition
This is my pride and glory...I really wanted one of these for the longest time but never thought of
asking it for Christmas until now...I still have to buy the film roll but I definitely am anxious to try it! 

 It's so beautiful and really has amazing features!

 And this is my boyfriends main gift or at least I like to think so...it's so beautiful!!!
He also gave me a DVD set from The Godfather Saga...so great cuz I love me some classics!!!
Also a snowball and tones & tones of chololates...I think he is secretly trying to fatten me up ;p

I'm so grateful for my presents this year...x)

And now I thought I would post here a couple of my instagram pics, all Christmas themed and from the month of December as a way of showing you a little bit of my life during Christmas break & the holidays...this really is one of my favorite times of the year!!! 

1. My International Christmas tree on my door in Spain.
2. Toby. my cat and my little tree this year in my flat in Spain.
3. Putting some candy cane love from my BF on my portuguese tree.
4. Fuzzy warm socks-slippers from Primark...I'm living in these! 

1. Toby and some Ferrero Rocher...I love this thing!
2. Baking Christmas cookies...cinnamon and vanilla flavored.
3. Christmas Eve!!! Tree filled with gifts, long table and my colorful cookies.
4. Me on Christmas day with some red festive lips matching my bells earrings!

I hope you enjoyed this Christmasy post ;)

Maryanne C.

P.S. - The images above are all my own and I own the rights to them.

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