16 November 2013

What I wear traveling...

5 days trip to Germany!!!

So I'm going to visit my boyfriend in Germany and I thought it would be interesting to show what I'm planning on wearing. So this time of the year it's pretty cold in Germany and you need to be warm or else you'll become an ice cube. I like the cold weather but hate to feel cold at all...can't go on living normally if I feel the little bit cold, so this is what I'm packing. I didn't photographed the basic shirts that I'm going to be wearing underneath to keep warm or the leggings/tights that I'll be wearing with the skirts, but I have ever intention to keep every inch of my body covered and cold free. ;p

Hope you enjoy it ;)

Traveling outfit:

Jumper from German University, skinny and comfortable Jeans (Zara),
 old and cozy scarf and my Log Boots. 

1st day:

Same Jeans and Boots and to top it of a floral Jumper (Stradivarius). 

2nd day:

Floral print skirt (Stradivarius), chic Sweater with beaded collar (Berska) 
and black UGG  knock offs.

3rd day:

Plain marron circle Skirt (Stradivarius), studded collar Shirt (Stradivarius), 
hairy black Sweater (Stradivarius) and my marron log Boots.

4th day:

Black skinny Jeans (Stradivarius), platted flanel Shirt (Stradivarius),
white Jumper with studded shoulder pads and my fake UGGs. 

Outdoor choice:

So, this is the Jacket I chose to take, because of the fur hoodie, it's so warm and cozy.
My purse is a recycling project I've recently done, it was a plain black purse and now it's unique and has loads of personality.

With all the outfits I plan on wearing gloves, scarf and a beanie to make it more informal and tone down some of the skirts outfits.

So what do you think?

If you want more photos of the outfits or to know more about other things I pack like jewelry or make up please leave a comment XD Also if you would like to see how I recycled my bag do tell. ;p

Maryanne C.

P.S. - The images above are all my own and I own the rights to them.

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